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Christmas Ornaments

Christmas Ornaments
Six individual ornaments in this Christian Ulbricht 2.5 in. Assorted Stars Ornaments - Set of 6 add handcrafted Christmas cheer to your tree. This heirloom-quality ornament set is an original Ulbricht design. Each piece was handcrafted and hand-painted in Germany by artisans.About Alexander Taron, I..
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Add sparkle to your tree with the gold-capped DAK 5 in. Matte and Glittered Star Ornament Set - Set of 12, which comes ready-to-hang on gold cords. They're made with richly colored plastic that's faceted with coordinating glitter between the facets...
$50.95 $50.95
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Create a dazzling holiday display with the DAK 5 in. Matte Glittered Star Shatterproof Christmas Ornaments - Set of 12. Each of these twelve ornaments boasts a traditional star-shaped design. Although these ornaments have the look and luster of glass, each is crafted from shatterproof plastic. With ..
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Add a burst of color to your holiday display with the DAK 5 in. Matte Purple Glittered Star Shatterproof Ornaments - Set of 12. It's made from sturdy plastic and topped with a gold metallic ornament cap...
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Make a room dazzle with the DAK 5 in. Shatterproof Glittered Star Christmas Ornaments - Set of 12, which is made with a high-quality plastic that has the look of glass. They are faceted and have glitter between the facets to accentuate the design. Each ornament is topped with a gold ornament cap, an..
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Diversify your ornament collection with the DAK 7.5 in. Shatterproof Reflector Finial Christmas Ornament - Set of 4, which features a round top and tapered bottom. Each ornament has cutout detail on the front and the back. Plus, they are topped with dainty metallic caps and ready to hang on gold cor..
$58.92 $58.92
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Vary your ornament collection with the DAK Matte Green Kiwi Retro Reflector Shatterproof Finial Ornaments - Set of 4. Each ornament features a round top and tapered bottom with a cutout detail on the front and the back. Plus, they are topped with dainty metallic caps...
$60.68 $60.68
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The DAK Matte Retro Reflector Shatterproof Christmas Finial Ornaments - Set of 4 will lend a vintage-inspired look to your holiday tree. These four ornaments boast the look of glass, but are actually constructed from shatterproof plastic. Hang them on your Christmas tree, your stair rails, or a fest..
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The Kurt S. Adler Red Ball with Snowman Ornaments - Set of 6 is sure to spread plenty of holiday cheer thanks to the adorable snowman designs. This set of six ornaments will give any Christmas tree a classic, whimsical look with its shimmering red finish...
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Put a playful finishing touch on your tree with the Melrose 6 in. Snowman Head with Hat Ornament- Set of 6. The set gives you three glass snowman and three glass snow lady ornaments. Each ready-to-hang decoration wears a glittery black fabric hat and black plastic spectacles...
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Hang the decorations in the Melrose Excelsis Deo 6 in. Snowflake Ornament - Set of 24 to make your living space sparkle. The felted ornaments are covered with golden glitter that reflects light. For effortless display, each ornament is equipped with cord...
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The Melrose Holly Leaf Ornament - Set of 3 adds a retro-inspired touch to your tree with a classic red and green holly leaf motif. Featured in an assortment of shapes, this set of three glass ornaments will bring your home a ton of fun, festive flair.Dimensions:Ball: 3.25L x 3.25W x 7H in.Finial: 3...
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